15/01/2021 Emacs ebook updated with chapters about dired and package management.
11/01/2021 Purchase handling API update. Faster purchase completion and email delivery. (And no more Zapier under the hood!)
04/01/2021 Emacs, new lessons: packages and package management.
14/12/2020 Emacs, new lesson: search and replace.
01/12/2020 Nicer 'restricted' page added (for when you access a non-free lesson without buying the course).
01/12/2020 Updates page added. It will track all technical and content-related updates to the website. Content-related updates will be marked with a distinct background.
27/11/2020 Emacs, new chapter: learn to navigate directories and modify files with Dired.
23/11/2020 Emacs, new lessons: learn to write interactive functions and customize them with interactive codes.
18/11/2020 Emacs, new lesson: Occur.
12/11/2020 Figures are now properly numbered in math and CS lessons.
12/11/2020 Emacs, new lessons: dabbrev: dynamic abbrev and email setup with mu4e.
9/11/2020 Fixed inconsistent whitespace on course menu for logged in users.
20/10/2020 New course: Python, part 2: Functions. Completely revamped and improved. The second course for beginners. Learn to build functions, analyze flow of execution and understand scope.
19/10/2020 Emacs, new lesson: ido mode.
14/10/2020 New book: about the futile pursuit of conscious attention, and mindfulness. Conscious Attention.
12/10/2020 Clojure Basics course is now complete.
23/09/2020 All prices are normalized to whole numbers. Marketing-y and sales-y "$14.99" kind of numbers are abolished.
24/08/2020 New Codexpanse is launched. Legacy version at learn.codexpanse.com will remain available until Septeber 20th 2020.