Things we'll cover

It's a wild ride, so buckle up :-)

  • Basic editing

    The boring, but necessary part.

  • Files, buffers, frames, windows

    Powerful, but potentially confusing features.

  • Advanced editing and movement

    Dealing with semantic structure, text and code.

  • Personal configuration

    Making Emacs truly yours.

  • Packages

    Modes, packages, repositories and managers.

  • Getting help

    Self-documenting platform, the describe system, apropos.

  • Sophisticated features

    Kill ring, macros, registers, point&mark.

  • Essential packages

    Magit, Org mode, Ido, Ivy, abbrev, yasnippet.

  • Use cases

    Configuration suggestions for web developers, programmers, writers and bloggers.

Course curriculum

So far. New lessons every week!


The lessons are in text format. You'll also be able to download an e-book. New lessons are published weekly.

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Rakhim Davletkaliyev

Web developer, entrepreneur. Interested in accessible education, genetic algorithms and functional programming. Lives in Finland.