Things we'll cover

It's a wild ride, so buckle up :-)

  • Set theory

    The math behind SQL and relational algebra.

  • Algorithms & complexity

    From sorting to P vs. NP and beyond.

  • Abstract data types

    The theory behind simple and complex types.

  • Theory of computation

    What did Turing and Church mean?

  • Cryptography

    From ancient ciphers to quantum cryptography.

  • Information theory

    The universal laws of information and entropy.

  • Abstract algebra

    Rings and groups and fields and Rubic cubes.

  • Probability theory

    Computing the chances and luck.

  • Outro

    An overview of other fields and topics.

Course curriculum

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Most of the lessons will be in text format, with formulas, interactive exercises and quizzes. You'll also be able to download a PDF e-book. New lessons will be published once a week.

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Rakhim Davletkaliyev

Web developer, entrepreneur. Interested in accessible education, genetic algorithms and functional programming. Lives in Finland.