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  • Teachers answer all of your questions personally

  • Illustrated lessons carefully created with beginners in mind

  • Interactive exercises within the lessons

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  • Final exam exercise

Course content

  • 1

    Expressions and statements

  • 2

    Function definition

    • What's a function really?

    • Creating functions with def statement

    • Calling the new function

    • Return statement

    • Return and scope

    • Function syntax and scope

  • 3

    Naming, building, calling functions

    • Naming functions. Keywords.

    • Building and calling functions

    • Exercise preparation

    • Cost calculator exercise

  • 4

    The First Program

    • Business-logic for a website

    • Exploring the flow of execution

    • Exploring the flow of value resolution

    • Exercise preparation

    • Delivery cost exercise

    • Getting rid of a variable

    • Flowing code

  • 5

    Lack of arguments

    • Default values for parameters

    • Keyword arguments

    • Functions overview

  • 6

    Final exercise

    • Exercise preparation

    • Helper functions exercise


We will guide you through!

Co-founder, teacher

Rakhim Davletkaliyev

Web developer, entrepreneur. Interested in accessible education, web development and functional programming. Lives in Finland.

Co-founder, teacher

Natalia Bass

Lifetime learner, Python programmer and designer. Interested in computational thinking, accessibility in education and mental health. Lives in Finland.

Recommended prerequisite

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the prerequisites?

    Python 1 is the recommended prerequisite. See info above.

  • What if I'm stuck or don't understand something?

    Just ask a question in the "discussion" section in a lesson. One of the teachers will help you personally.

  • What is the difference between buying a course and buying a membership?

    When you buy a single course, you get all the contents and teachers will answer all of your questions personally. When you purchase a membership, you get access to ALL the courses with teachers' support for a flat monthly fee.

  • I have another question...

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The most understandable way

Elena Koivumäki

A big credit goes to Rakhim Davletkaliyev and Codexpanse team for being enthusiastic teachers who explain even the most complicated things in the most understandable way for a person who never wrote a single line of code.

Not superficial

Alexander Mospan

I just love what Rakhim does. His tutorials and the way he explains things: patiently and in details. Thank you!

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